About us

World of Students is organizing virtual fairs for international higher education institutions, as well as country specific government bodies and others – offering a platform to represent their international offers to a large clientel and prospective students.

The World of Students virtual fair specifically targets advanced high school students, as well as university students looking for study abroad options, a full master’s degree or an internship/travel experience worldwide.

Thanks to our virtual approach, there will be no limitations to geographic locations – both in terms of target groups and visiting hours. This way, we are able to welcome students from all over Europe.

Our team

World of Students is a creative team which specializes on offering young adults the chance to spend an unforgettable time abroad. All our team members have spent some time abroad themselves. Either as part of a school exchange, a gap year, an internship abroad or studies abroad. We experienced living in a foreign country first-hand and made memories we will never forget. That’s why we want to give students the chance to find the perfect international program during our World of Student virtual fair.

Our mission

Matching students with the perfect international program. Because no matter where you will go and how long you will stay – your time abroad will change your life.

World of Students – Virtual Fair

May 12, 2023

Exhibitor Registration